Register at our school

Primary school for the first time

When a child is four years old, it can go to primary school. Registration and the allocation of places are done in the same way at almost all primary schools in Amsterdam.


Register for primary school

Around your child's third birthday, you will receive the preference form for the primary school and a brochure explaining the admission policy from the municipality of Amsterdam.

You register your child by handing in this form at the school of your first choice.


Priority schools

Your child has priority at the eight nearest primary schools. Which schools these are, is determined by the walking distance between your child's official home address and the primary school.

When you enter your child's home address and date of birth on, you will see whether our school is a priority school for your child.


What do you have to do

If our school is your first preference, please hand in the preference form (not a copy or scan) at our school.

The name, date of birth and home address of your child are pre-printed on this form. If there are any errors, change it on the form.

Enter at least five primary schools in order of preference. Put your first preference on number 1; put at number 2 the school you choose next, and so on. You can choose both priority schools and non-priority schools.

Note: Even if an older brother or sister is already at our school, it is necessary that you submit this form to us. In this case it is not necessary to specify multiple preferences.

The form must also be handed in if your child attends the pre-school of the school.

Submit the completed and signed form to our school.

As soon as we have processed your preference form, we will send you a proof of registration (by post/email).

Please check this proof of registration and contact us immediately if there is an error.



In some cases it is necessary to show written evidence at registration.

This applies in the following situations:

1.your child has an VVE yes indication;

2.your child attends an IKC;

3.the pre-printed residential address on the preference form is incorrect; use a preference form without pre-printed personal data of your child (blank form).

No preference form?

If you do not have a preference form, you can download it from the website of the school boards:

You can also get this form at our school. In this case, always bring proof of address so that we can check your child's address and personal details.


Submission dates for the preference form

The date by which the preference form must be submitted depends on the date of birth of your child. The deadlines are for:

children born between September 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 March 9, 2023

children born between January 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020 June 1, 2023

children born between May 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020 November 2, 2023


A place in primary school

After the submission date, the placement of all registered children will be carried out automatically in March, June and November, under the responsibility of the school boards.

If there are enough places at a school, all registered children will be placed.

In recent years, more than 90% of the children have been placed in their first preferred school.


When there are more children registered at a school than there are places, lots are necessary.

If your child is excluded from our school, it will be eligible for the following preferred school(s) you have specified. Each child will be offered a place at the highest possible school of your preference.


Assign places

The allocation of places in all schools takes place in the following order.

For the 1st preference, this is done as follows:

1.An older brother or sister attends the school when your child turns 4; your child is guaranteed a place.

2a. The child has a VVE yes indication and attends pre-school education at the pre-school that is affiliated with the school and has the school as a priority school; 

2b. The child goes to an Integrated Child Center (IKC) twice a week for at least 8 months and has the school as a priority school.

3.The child's parent has an indefinite contract with the school.

4.The child has the school as a priority school.

5.The child has no priority at this school.


After that, the registered children who did not come to the 1st preference are placed as follows:


6.The child has a priority school as 2nd to 10th preference.

7.The child has a non-priority school as 2nd to 10th preference.

8.The child lives outside Amsterdam.


Sign up and register

After placement you will receive a letter from the school where your child can be placed. This letter states the latest date by which you must inform the school that you wish to use this place reserved for your child. Make sure you do this registration on time. Your child will only then have a definitive place at this school; the official registration follows as soon as it is 4 years old and starts at school.



If it appears during this registration interview that your child needs special care that our school cannot offer, it may be decided not to admit your child. In consultation with the parents, our school will then arrange for another school that can provide this care.


More information

For questions about the admission policy, you can also contact the helpdesk of the BBO (the joint school boards) tel. 020 716 3801 or

On the BBO website you will also find more information about, among other things, the available capacity and the results of recent placements.


Admission policy after the age of 4

Children who first went to another school and now want to go to the 6th Montessori School Anne Frank are called ‘’zij-instromers’’. In principle, they are also welcome at our school if there is room.


If you would like to register your child as a ‘’zij-instromer’’ at our school, you can email the school via the contact form. When we receive your registration, we first check whether there is room in the group.


We also look at the reason for the transfer and we contact the previous school. Of course in consultation with you.


More information may be required. We want to be able to form a good picture of your child's educational needs and the possibilities we have to meet them.




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